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NTS International Group

NTSolution International Group, was born in 2010. It is a Technicians Leader Group in the consultancy field for monitoring and quality control dedicated to Airports and Roads. NTSolution I. G. is an independent society entirely controlled by its owners. The principal center of NTSolution I. G. is in Schloss Lindich, Baden-Württemberg near Stuttgard (Germany). NTSolution I.G. has matured over 60 years of experience in service consultation, covering all the project phases, from the planning to the complete realization and its maintenance.

Bridges,Roads and Airports Division

Laboratorio Centrale Ponti, Strade ed Aeroporti is NTSolution I. G. project and quality control division for infrastructures, works in Italy such as in foreign Countries, in different fields of engineering and transports, realizing planning, works direction, testings, controls and on-site validation, technical consultation and technical support with particular attention to:
Roads, Bridge and Airports.

Laboratorio Centrale Ponti, Strade ed Aeroporti was born with the objective to integrate our technological systems at for the activity connected to the Road Infrastructure Planning, Management and Final Control. Laboratorio Centrale Ponti, Strade ed Aeroporti has a particular inclination and experience in the non-destructive technologies and high-performance, applied to transport engineering.



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