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D-Table – Interactive Multitouch Table

D-Table allows you to browse the internet and present your choices with just the swipe of a fingertip. An interactive design, highly customizable, a perfect piece of furniture for prestigious interiors and home automation. D-Table’s functions are multi faceted, from entertainment to business, through the multitouch interface and wireless connection.

D-Table is a unique and exciting touchscreen experience, contemporary and dynamic as today’s lifestyle. Information technology and Italian groundbreaking design unite in a unique piece of futuristic furniture. The touchscreen surface of the table brings the latest state of the art technology touchscreen to your fingertips. A niche design that can be fully customized and is crafted to the highest quality by italian specialists in furniture manufacturing.

Highly customisable
its design also comes in two luxurious finishing options its design also comes in two luxurious finishing options, one in carbon fibre and another one with more sophisticated look by hand-applied fine piton skin coating.

Danilo Cascella The Designer
Danilo Cascella
is an entrepreneur born in Italy in 1966. Driven by passion and family experience, Danilo is pursuing a lifelong passion project started in the 50s by his parents, creators of the famous CASCELLA stores.

Completely handcrafted by Italian Artisan all the range D-Table (D-ZeroD-TimeD-SquareD-CosmoD-MonsterD-Young) Direct production only in ITALY with Italian materials and specialised artisans. The constant features that encompass all the D-Table collections are the craftsmanship, and then, of course, the “Made in Italy” factor, all the multi-touch tables are one by one realized and assembled by the hands of italian craftsmen and specialized IT engineers.



  • CLIENTE D-Table by Danilo Cascella
  • ANNO 2015
  • ABBIAMO FATTO Consulenza Web | Web Design
  • PARTNER Diego Maravilla
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